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Dr. Shirin Bonakdar


My passion for health is rooted in personal tragedy: I have been watching my father suffer and cope with Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease every day of his life. I have come to realize that my father's poor health is not the result of a single problem—instead he needed to make his health his priority; he needed to eat better, exercise more, and focus on reducing stress.

I have witnessed firsthand the frustration of many patients as they tried their hardest and yet failed to make the lifestyle changes they so desperately desired. As such, I decided to implement MaxLiving’s 5 Essentials of Health.

These essentials have been adopted in over 400 communities in the United States and Canada, in the Islands of the Caribbean through annual missionary service, in its Health Centre in Zimbabwe, Africa, and at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games serving Team USA Judo, Weight Lifting and Wrestling. In 2016, I personally had the pleasure of serving the USA Women’s Wrestling team in Rio for the Summer Olympics.

I am fortunate to be able to serve not only the Olympic team, but also locally and throughout Canada at various churches, corporations and schools to educate about the true meaning of health and motivate individuals to live their best life.

In essence, the 5 Essentials are not difficult concepts to understand, though, I realize are often challenging to implement. That’s why we are here. Please let our Ambassadors, Team and myself personally do everything we can to help you along your journey to live a maximized life. Together, we will transform the way our community views and manages health.


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